About Us

There is something about making things with your own hands that provides a great deal of satisfaction. As a child, I learned to work my hands by building everything from the ground up. This soon evolved into my own lawncare business which stood 10 years through high school and college. After college, I took a job in the family business of machining metal.  Every day, I get to use the most advanced pieces of machinery to cut metal and create our customer’s dreams.

 The grinder idea began when visiting a head shop, scouring the glass cabinets for the latest gadgets. What I came to find is a shortage of high quality, American made grinders. The Ripper was born, because Americans need a durable, upscale grinder that will last. Made of American Stainless Steel and machined in Cincinnati, there are 3 things you can expect from The Ripper company: 

  1. The best quality machined grinder on the market
  2. Direct and prompt customer service
  3. Continued promise to give back to the community

When you buy our products, you get so much more than a grinder. You’ll be supporting a small, local company that gives back. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to doing business together.

Kevin Barth-President/ CEO of The Ripper